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Tayama AX-300 Electric Thermo Pot, 2.8 L, White

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Tayama Electric Thermo Dispenser 3 Quart
The 3.3 L Hot Water Thermo Pot/Water Heater from Tayama keeps hot water at your fingertips throughout the day – with no waiting. It quickly brings water to a boil and keeps it piping hot for hours – so you can enjoy your tea, hot chocolate, coffee, hot cereal or soup at a moment's notice. Pour anywhere with 2-ways to dispense water: auto-dispenser or cup-switch option. Built with a water dispense safety lock, this appliance features a cool-touch exterior, over-heat protection, and water level gauge. De-chlorinate and re-boil your water with a Tayama Electric Thermo Pot, and provide the family with the cleanest of water.


  • Two dispensing options: auto-dispense and cup switch 
  • water dispense safety lock
  • 100% De-chlorination and re-boil
  • Over-heat protection
  • Water level gauge


UPC: 893847001305 
Dimensions: 12x9x14 inches

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