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The Tayama DJ-15SG Soy Milk Maker has become more advanced than its previous models. It is a fully automatic home kitchen appliance which uses a new 3D heating system without a heating tube and instead applies heat to the entire body for more even cooking. Just push a button, and fresh soymilk is ready to enjoy within twenty minutes. Features micro-computer control, totally automatic operation, no internal filter to clean, hence making clean-up easy. Select from 6 options for Soymilk Dry Beans, Soaked Beans, Paste, Porridge, Puree, and Juice. Includes large jar capacity of 1.3 Liters. Easy to clean and use. Never have to deal with clogged filters again! The DJ-15SG Soy Milk Maker also comes with a measuring cup, a strainer and cleaning pad, and manual.


  • Specifications: 120V 60Hz 800W
  • Special features 6 options for soymilk (dry and soaked beans), rice/bean paste, porridge, fruit/veggie drinks, pureed soup
  • Large capacity with 1.3 Liter Jar
  • Accessories: a measuring cup, a strainer and cleaning pad
  • Ease of making fresh soy milk at home

1.3 L Multi-Functional Stainless Steel Soy Milk Maker

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