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With Tayama TSP-1000 8-in-1 Multi-Functional Stainless Steel Electric Stew Cooker, cooking with ease is just one touch away! The computerized control system with LED indicator, allows for safe monitor-free cooking when you’re not around. Includes 10 Liter stainless steel inner pot, ceramic pot, steaming rack and chicken essence lid. This essential countertop appliance provides a wide variety of cooking options including rice, congee, soup, stew, braise and steam, all in one multi cooker making cooking more convenient. Once cooking has completed, the multi cooker automatically keeps food warm at the perfect serving temperature until it’s time to eat. Features a ceramic pot with two covers for preserving the natural taste and original flavors of your favorite Asian herbal soups and healthy tonics. Pre-set cooking function with up to 9.9 hour programmable cooking timer, the pre-set cooking function allows you to cook without even your presence in the kitchen, and no more worrying about rushing home to cook before meal time.


  • 8 Preset Cooking Functions: Slow Stew, Quick Stew, Steam, Soup, Porridge, Rice, Braise and Herbal Tea
  • Removable food grade stainless steel 304 inner pot 10.0L for easy cleaning            
  • High quality ceramic pot 4.0L with lids retains the natural original flavors and nutrients of the stew
  • Adjustable cooking time, customize cook time and features delay start preset timer                           
  • Automatic keep warm after cooking has completed
  • Easy to use computerized control panel with digital display
  • Automatic shut-off function to prevent overheating dry-boil protection   
  • Heat resistant glass lid   


10 Qt. Multi-Functional Electric Stew Cooker

SKU: TSP-1000
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