Tayama TG-821 has an extra-large cooking surface area of 15x10 inch, allows multiple ingredients to be cooked at the same time, useful for a variety of meals. Featuring a separate heater and griddle plate, the ribbed design of the cooking surface ensures complete heat coverage of the griddle plate and lets you achieve the best results. Comes with a glass lid to insure flavor get cooked into the food easily. Special channel design at bottom side of die-cast aluminum grill plate. Protects the heater better and extend service time. Ideal for dinner parties, individual meals, barbecue-style food, stir fry's. The Portable griddle is great for travelling, especially for camping and caravanning holidays. It is easy to carry and move anywhere you need it. Non-stick surface means very little oil needs to be used. The ribbed surface and oil drip tray keep the food free of fat and grease, meaning food cooked on the griddle is healthier and retains its natural flavor. The large cooking surface which is easy to clean with its non-stick coated surface. Features an adjustable temperature control, which can be adjusted to your desired temperature for different foods.


  • Separates grease from any food for healthy dining
  • Built in fully adjustable thermostat for different types of food
  • Large non-stick cooking surface for easy flipping
  • Cool-touch base and carry handle for safe cooking

150 sq. in. Non-Stick Electric Griddle

SKU: TG-821