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Tayama TG-868XL has an extra large cooking surface area of 15x10 inch (150 sq. in), allowing multiple ingredients to be cooked at the same time, and useful for cooking a variety of healthy meals. Features a removable grilling plate and drip pan for easy cleaning. The grilling plates' open grate design produces less smoke and allows grease to drain through the grates and onto the drip pan. The cooking surface ensures complete heat coverage of the grill plate and allows you to achieve the best grilling results. Includes a special channel design on the bottom side of the die-cast aluminum grill plate to protect the heating element. Features an adjustable temperature control, which can be adjusted to your desired temperature for different meals. Ideal for grilling barbecue-style skewers, burgers, steaks and much more. The grills' non-stick surface allows for less oil to be used, for healthier cooking and retaining your meals natural flavors.


  • Healthy cooking, less smoke with open grate design grilling plate

  • Easy to clean and removable parts
  • Cool-touch safety handles and base
  • Features an adjustable temperature control
  • Cooking surface area of 15x10 inch (150 sq. in)

150 sq. in. Non-Stick Electric Indoor Grill

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