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Enhance your home kitchen with this Tayama 2 in 1 White Electric Multi-Cooker with Stainless Steel Pot Grill. It is composed of durable, food grade 304 stainless-steel material. It features a non-stick griddle plate, cool touch handles and a tempered glass lid. All the accessories are removable, which makes for easy cleaning. The dual cooker only takes up a foot of counter space, so it’s easy to use and store in small apartment kitchens, tiny homes, and dorm rooms. This compact hot pot is specially designed to cook one or two servings. It’s the perfect gift for single students and couples! Place the stainless-steel bowl on the heating base for hot pot, cooking eggs, soup, pasta, vegetables and more! Features adjustable temperature knob, you can easily turn the heat up to boil water or set it on low to simmer broth. Complete the meal by swapping in the non-stick electric grill pan to sear meat and grill fresh vegetables. This cooker comes with an adjustable heating base, stainless steel cooking pot, non-stick grill pan and glass lid. It is designed to heat up food quickly and sit comfortably on counters or tables. Helpful Hint: The stainless-steel bowl is perfect for cooking instant noodles or shabu-shabu. The grilling plate is ideal for sliced meats or veggies. Do not use both the stainless-steel bowl and grilling plate at the same time.


  • Rating: 120V 1000W 60Hz
  • Adjustable temperature with indicator light. You can adjust the temperature from 300° to 450°F giving you the freedom to make hearty soups, grill meats and veggies - and so much more.
  • Dual Cooking Surfaces - Stainless steel cooking pot & non-stick grill pan. Use either the stainless-steel bowl or the non-stick grilling plate, do not use both at the same time.
  • Versatile multi-cooker for hot pot/shabu shabu, grilling, searing, steaming, stewing, simmering and more!
  • Detachable pot design for easy cleaning and convenient storage. Comes with see-through tempered glass lid, 2.5 Qt. stainless steel pot and grilling plate. 
  • Compact design simply stack and store.
  • Included components: electric burner, stainless steel pot, non-stick grill plate, glass lid

2.5 Qt. Shabu and Grill Electric Multi-Cooker

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