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Tayama TG-863XLR has a -Nonstick Aluminum plate Ribbed grill surface with holes to drain grease for healthy cooking. Also a solid flat grill to cook sides, vegetables, or pancakes. With the extra large cooking surface area of 17x12 in. (204 sq in.) which allows multiple ingredients to be cooked at the same time, and useful for making a variety of meals. Powered by 1300 watts, this grill includes a detachable temperature controller, which ensures food is cooked evenly and thoroughly. Special channel design built into the die-cast aluminum grill plate protects the heater better and extends service time. Ideal for dinner parties, large family, multi barbecue-style foods, stir fry and more. The electric grill also features a wind board and rack that is included to prevent oil splashes and provides additional surface space to keep food warm. The detachable parts are easy to store and clean. The Non-stick surface means very little oil is needed. The large capacity drip tray filled with water while grilling allows you to continue grilling longer without smoke and cooking healthier meals that retains its natural flavors.


  • Non-stick ribbed grill surface with holes and flat grill surface
  • Extra large cooking surface area of 17 x 12 in (204 sq. in.)
  • Large capacity removable drip tray, add water for easy cleaning and smokeless grilling
  • User-friendly temperature dial with 5 settings
  • Detachable wind board and rack included

204 sq in. Non-Stick Electric Indoor Grill

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