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The Tayama Electric Ice Shaver is perfect for making those summer shaved ice desserts! Create a variety of refreshing and cool treats for friends and family to enjoy together! Features a stainless steel cutting blade that quickly shaves ice cubes into fluffy, snow-like ice. Making shaved ice is easy and convenient with the clear pull out ice tray container.  


  • Fun and easy way to make delicious, fluffy shaved ice
  • Simple to use contact press and release switch design making it easy to operate
  • Precision-cut high-quality stainless steel 304 cutting blades equipped with this machine work quickly and efficiently to shave ice cubes into delicious, fluffy snow-like ice
  • No special mold needed, use standard regular sized ice cubes from your freezer for the best results
  • Convenient hidden power cord compartment for easy storage


27 oz. Electric Ice Shaver

SKU: TB-300
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