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The Tayama Smart Digital Glass Hot Water Dispenser heats the water quickly from 95°F to 212°F and dispenses it straight into your cup at the push of a button. Its large 8-cup (2000ml) capacity removable glass carrying jug allows for easy refilling and transporting of water. You can instantly and safely prepare your baby's bottles at any time of the day or night. Keep water warm 24/7 and never need to wait for a bottle warmer again. The water will remain at the programmed temperature for hours! Features 5 preset temperature functions: Warm 113°F, Milk 131°F, Tea 158°F, Coffee 185°F and Boil/Dechlorinate 212°F; precision temperature control from 95°F to 212°F with a 9°F increment. The "Boil/Dechlorinate (212°F)" function enables you to heat it to a sufficiently high temperature to maintain a healthy and completely clean environment. Ideal for the entire family, this instant hot water dispenser can also be used for making your own hot drinks, hot chocolate, tea, oatmeal, or coffee!


  • Automatic Dispense - At a simple press of a button, the dispenser will automatically server hot water.
  • 5 Preset Temperature Functions - Select 5 different functions Warm (113°F), Milk (131°F), Tea (158 °F), Coffee (185°F) and Boil/Dechlorinate (212°F).   
  • Temperature Control - Easy to operate control panel with adjustable temperature control ranges from 95°F-203°F. Displays both Current & Set Temperatures.          
  • Hot & Ready All Day - Quickly boils the water to 212°F and maintains a warm temperature throughout the day.
  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass & SUS 304 - Removable durable glass jug with food grade stainless steel 304 heating plate. Easy to clean, refill and transport water.
  • Safety Lock & Dry-Boil Protection - The auto-locking feature turns on after 20 seconds of non-usage. And in case the glass water jug runs empty, the appliance will automatically shut off.  

2L Smart Digital Glass Hot Water Boiler & Warmer

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