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Tired of waiting for your hot water to come to a boil on the stove? The Tayama 4L TK-400 Electric Thermo Pot is perfect for every home. User friendly, simply add drinking water and it will automatically start to heat water to a boiling point. So many different uses - make tea, boil water for cooking, warm up baby bottles instantly and so much more. Built with a water dispense safety lock, this appliance features a cool-touch exterior, over-heat protection, and water level gauge. With your convenience in mind, this thermo pot has 2 dispensing options: auto-dispense, or cup switch. Spend less time in the kitchen, de-chlorinate and re-boil your water with a Tayama Electric Thermo Pot, and provide the family with the cleanest of water.


  • Two dispensing options: auto-dispense and cup switch.
  • Water dispense safety lock.
  • 100% De-chlorination and re-boil
  • Over-heat protection.
  • Water level gauge

4L Electric Hot Water Dispenser

SKU: TK-400
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