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Tayama® Rice Dispenser is made from PP and ABS materials and is BPA Free. The slim and modern design allows you to keep the rice or other grains safe from insects, pests, mold and other contaminants. With a simple knob-turn, the process of storing and dispensing rice is made more convenient. The rice automatically dispenses out with a volume of 135g (1 cup) each time with ease, by simply the turn of the knob. 


  • Maximum capacity: 55 lbs. or 25 kg
  • Large storage compartment
  • Rice drawer-container for desired amount
  • Max capacity: 5 cups (1400 g)
  • Knob turns 90° to the right to dispense: 135 g (1 cup)
  • Note: 1 Rice Cooker Cup = ¾ US Cups


55 lbs. Capacity Rice Dispenser (25kg)

SKU: TRD-155
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