Tayama introduces our 11.8" Non-stick Marble Fry Pan, the new standard in cookware. Marble coating is naturally non-stick, durable, easy to clean, heats evenly, and is completely safe. Compared to other fry pans, a lot less oil is needed and you can start cooking healthy by eliminating extra calories from the use of fatty oils or butter. In addition, our cookware is safe for use as our cookware uses manufacturing techniques that do not include the use of PFOA toxins. Our marble fry pans have many layers of non-stick marble coating, making them last much longer than Teflon coated pans. Whether it is for stir-frying a new noodle recipe or braising some veggies, our non-stick marble fry pan will get the job done.


  • Heat resistant plastic handle.
  • High quality, super durable aluminum material.
  • PFOA free.
  • Design to evenly dissipate heat.
  • Pan bottom is designed to prevent skid when in use.

Die Casting Fry Pan with Marble Coating (30cm/11.8")