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Tayama Non-Stick Square Grilling Pan is built to be able to cook all types of meat. This grilling plate is made from high-quality AD12 aluminum with 2mm thickness, maximizing the thermal conductivity. Grilling food much faster and evenly distributing heat for a better cooking experience. Features innovative grease draining system, allows fat, grease and oil to drain from the pan drip spout. Best used on portable butane gas stoves. Great for cooking all kinds of meat and vegetables including pork belly, beef short rib, steak, chicken, fish, kimchi and more! Fun and easy to use and clean. Caution: Cook on low heat, do not use metal or sharp objects/cooking utensils to avoid scratching the grilling plate. Do not touch with bare hands. If it is wet, lightly dry it with a soft cloth.


  • Suitable for grilling various types of food including meat, seafood, vegetables, etc.
  • Special grooves help to eliminate the excess oil and grease in food for healthier meals.
  • Optimal design with thick body and flat surface help to grill food much faster and evenly, while still maintaining the moisture of the food.     
  • The non-stick cooking surface is coated with Teflon made by Whitford, USA and is FDA approved for use with direct contact with food. Non-stick, safe for cooking and easy to clean. 
  • Package Includes: Non-stick grilling plate only (camping stove sold separately).

Non-Stick Square Grilling Pan, 12” x 12”

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